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Project Cost, Inc. has assembled a team of in-house and consultant estimators with considerable expertise in all areas of construction cost management.  The firm currently employs three Senior Estimators, one Junior Estimator and six Consultant Estimators experienced in all cost estimating disciplines, including architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and civil elements, as well as metric measurement, life cycle cost analysis, value engineering and project scheduling.  The firm is familiar with the requirements of all major federal, state and local agencies and is experienced with a wide variety of estimating systems in addition to our own proprietary estimating software.  All of our team members have worked closely together for many years and are familiar with our systems, procedures and standards of quality.

Principals David Hastings and Jeff Paullin closely monitor the estimating process of the firm's staff and consultants, providing direct supervision, guidance and final approval of the work product.  The Senior Estimator assigned to the project works closely with the client, researches any special issues unique to the project or its location and collects and reviews input from other team members and outside resources.  He then assembles all of the elements into a comprehensive package for presentation to a principal for review.  No estimate leaves the office without this review, which includes general checks for completeness and accuracy of pricing as well as comparison with standard benchmarks and similar projects drawn from our historical data.  PCI actively solicits bid feedback on projects and typically enjoys a variance of less than 5% between average bid and final cost estimate, a successful record demonstrating our commitment to the client and the project.

PCI has the depth of resources required to handle sizeable projects and the ability to work on multiple projects, both large and small, concurrently.  Once committed, the firm is diligent about adhering to the schedule to ensure timely delivery of the estimate.

Since its founding in 1987, PCI has completed estimates on projects with a total construction value of more than $2.75 billion.  The firm has successfully undertaken projects ranging in size and complexity from small repairs and renovations to large new construction projects, varying in construction value from several thousand dollars to in excess of three hundred million dollars.

The firm's experience includes successful term contracts with:

The firm also supports A/E prime firms on term contracts with:

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